Single Life

The single state is not considered a vocation in the strictest sense unless that involves vows to perpetual virginity. However, the Church has great concern for the pastoral care of single persons. "We must also remember the great number of single persons who, because of particular circumstances in which they have to live-often not of their choosing-are especially close to Jesus' heart and therefore deserve the special affection and active solicitude of the Church, especially of pastors…Some live their situation in the spirit of the Beatitudes, serving God and neighbor in exemplary fashion…No one is without a family in this world: the Church is a home and family for everyone, especially those who 'labor and are heavy laden.'" Catechism of the Catholic Church #1658.

If you are single and are looking for opportunities to gather with other singles please contact the your local parish for events. The Vocation Office can offer spiritual direction and direct you to retreat opportunities to discern where God may be calling you.