Religious Women Serve in Wyoming and Beyond…

Women have made and continue to make incredible contributions to our Church, Society, and Culture as professed members of Religious Communities. These women, dedicated and gifted, have made a decision to live the Gospel values through vows and/or promises of chastity, obedience, and poverty, and for some stability. These vows or promises are made after a period of inquiry and discernment. For some communities, these vows are renewed every year and for other communities vows are taken solemnly once in a lifetime.

Throughout our history, women have stepped forward, hearing the call of Jesus to serve the poor, the outcast, the disenfranchised, the people with no voice, willing to meet the needs of others. In so doing they have come to know more deeply the Christ with and for whom they serve. Other women have chose to further the education and professional needs of our people. They have become teachers in Universities and Colleges, nurses, doctors, and lawyers. They too have heard the call of Jesus and have said, "Yes" as a whole hearted response to the question, "Will you follow me?" Other women have heard the call to serve God's people through a vocation of prayer.

The question is now yours to answer.

Women's Retreat: Exploring the Option of Religious Life Vocation Discernment for Young Women

This retreat will explore our life of faith, enhance our discipleship and discover the incredible gift of religious life. For more information email Fr. Bill at

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