Diocesan Priesthood

Diocesan Priesthood is parish based ministry in which a priest assists the Bishop in leading God's people to the Kingdom. The Diocese of Cheyenne encompasses the state of Wyoming. Over 45,000 Catholics are currently served by 48 priests in 37 parishes and 37 missions. The largest parish in the diocese is St. Mary's Cathedral in Cheyenne whose membership exceeds 2,400 families.

Priesthood today is an exciting vocation. Deeply rooted in the Eucharist, a priest serves as a sacrament, a sign, of God's abiding presence. A priest gathers regularly with members of a community, leading them in praise and worship of God. However, this gathering is always for a mission – to spread the Gospel, the good news, of Jesus Christ!

The mission of Diocesan Priesthood is to give leadership and direction to a faith community, commonly called a parish. This certainly entails leadership in prayer, both communal and private. It also means calling forth the many gifts within the community for service in the areas of worship, education, formation, finance, and personnel.
Diocese of Cheyenne Priests