How to discern Your Vocation?

"The eyes of the Lord roam over the whole earth, to encourage those who are devoted to him wholeheartedly." (2 chronicles 16[NAB])

I. The Conditions for a Good Discernment

A. A prayer life in A D S L !

- Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
- Do what is right! (live a moral life)
- Sacraments: frequent reconciliation and daily mass
- Lectio Divina (regular prayer with scripture esp. Gospels)

B. Good friends, good times, and retreats.

C. A spiritual guide (Spiritual direction)

D. Gather some information (study the order your discerning, check out the seminary, just as a young man or woman cannot know if this or that person is the one with whom to get married until they date, so to with a religious vocation it is necessary to "talk to him or her" speak with priests, sisters, brothers, deacons.)

II. The Criteria of a good discernment

A. What is the DEEPEST DESIRE of my heart?

B. Does it last? (Has this desire been in your heart over time or does it come and go like the wind? If it endures it is worth checking out!)

C. What does the Church say? Or your fiancé? Discernment needs to be objective, that is, grounded in the prudential judgment of a pastor, vocation director, bishop, religious order, etc. It cannot be just "What I think is right for me."

III. Four Traps to your call

A. Dream your life, instead of living your dream.

B. Get discouraged at the first obstacle

C. Wait passively for a sign of God

D. Listen too much to my "good" friends, or to your mum!

IV. Take the Step!

A. Give it a try! (take a leap of faith! In reality, a year at the seminary or in a religious order is not too long. At least you'll know if this possibility is for you or not!)

B. You have everything to win: if it was not your call, now you know!!!

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