The Diaconate

In the Catholic Church, the diaconate is the first of three ranks in ordained ministry. Deacons receive the sacrament of Holy Orders and are members of the clergy ordained for service. They are called to be icons of Christ who “came to serve and not be served” (Mt 20:28). Unmarried deacons who will later be ordained to the priesthood are referred to as “transitional deacons,” while those perpetually remaining deacons are called “permanent deacons.” Married men may be ordained permanent deacons, as may single men who commitment to celibacy. For more information about the Diaconate, please visit the USCCB Diaconate page or contact Fr. Steve Titus.

Diaconate Formation

The Diocese of Cheyenne is currently forming a class of men to ordained as permanent deacons in 2021. For more information about the Diocese diaconal formation program or the ministry of deacons please contact Deacon Joe Sandrini, Director of Diaconal Formation, or Deacon Kim Carroll, Director of Deacons. Both men can be found through the Diocese of Cheyenne website.

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Diaconal Ministry Office

Please feel free to contact:
Deacon Joe Sandrini,
Director of Diaconal Formation, Diocese of Cheyenne
h: 307-746-2102
c: 307-275-0641

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Contact Deacon Joe Sandrini, Director of Diaconal Formation