Am I Called?

The word "vocation" is a very good definition of the relationship that God has with every human being in the freedom of love, because "every life is a vocation"
(Paul VI, Enc. Lett. Populorum progressio, 15).

"Vocation is the word that leads us to understand the dynamisms of God's revelation, and thus reveals to man the truth about his existence."

"Every life is a vocation!" Who can argue with that? But how do I know how God wants me to serve? This is at the heart of vocation ministry. My ministry here at the Diocese of Cheyenne is to help people to "discern," to decide in faith the primary direction of a person's life (priesthood, religious life, single, married). The most exciting truth in discernment is that God will not disappoint, let down, or lead astray. So what do you say?

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