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Victim Assistance Coordinator

Please believe there is hope and healing. We encourage you to come forward and make a report. Our diocesan victim assistance coordinator is available to help you obtain support for your needs.

If you make a complaint about any Church personnel, past or present, you can expect that the Victim Assistance Coordinator will listen to you, make a complete report and answer any questions about the process of reporting abuse. The victim Assistance Coordinator in the Diocese of Cheyenne will help you through the reporting process and assist you with any pastoral support you may need. We recognize that making a report is often the first step toward healing and recovery.

If you suspect abuse of a minor, your first call should be to law enforcement or the Department of Family Services.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual abuse by a member of the clergy, or an employee or volunteer of a parish of the Diocese of Cheyenne, and would like to report or discuss this, please contact:

Mary Adams
Victim Assistance Coordinator
307-220-0485 or adamsmaryj@outlook.com

Please understand that the Diocese of Cheyenne is bound by civil and canon law to report sexual abuse of a minor to civil authorities. Anyone who believes that they have been sexually abused is strongly encouraged to report as well.

Mandatory Reporting Responsibilities

Sexual Abuse Response and Healing downloadable information