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Strengthening the bond of marriage and family life has been a priority in the diocese for years. It is our goal to provide programs and resources that will assist couples and families to successfully build loving relationships. Marriage preparation, education, and enrichment programs all play a role in bringing wholeness and holiness to the life of a couple and family. We are dedicated to helping married couples live out their vows. This process begins as we help educate youth and young adults about the sanctity of marriage. It continues as we specifically spend time with newly engaged couples in an extensive marriage preparation plan in which all facets of married life are examined in detail including Natural Family Planning. Marriage enrichment resources are also available as couples and families go through the years. Furthermore, there are resources available for couples who find themselves in difficult relationships. It is our desire for couples to utilize these resources to attempt to bring healing to their relationships. However, if a marriage ends in divorce, we want individuals to be truly aware and understand the teachings of the Church in regard to continued participation in the sacraments. The Church is still here for you. If you choose to pursue an annulment, we want you to have a clear understanding of what an annulment is and what it is not. There are people on staff in our tribunal office that will gladly answer your questions in this regard and describe the process in detail to you. If you need more information, contact Maria Ward mward@dioceseofcheyenne.org

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Worldwide Marriage Encounter Wyoming/Montana Team

World Wide Marriage Encounter Couples who make Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekends not only rediscover the joy, intimacy & romance in their relationships, but also become more active in their parish. Together, we are making marriages, families and our Church stronger & healthier.

Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Intro to NFP

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a general term for methods of family planning which utilize information based on a women’s menstrual cycle. While a man is fertile his entire life, women are only fertile for a few days of each cycle in her childbearing years. NFP methods enable a woman to track her daily observable signs of fertility or infertility. From this information, couples can recognize phases of infertility and fertility which can help them avoid or achieve pregnancy.

NFP methods can be very effective for couples who wish to avoid pregnancy. When a couple follows all of the method’s rules for avoiding pregnancy, effectiveness rates are around 97-98%. This makes NFP as effective as hormonal birth control without any negative side effects. Many NFP methods have strong empirical evidence showing their effectiveness when used properly.

Selecting an NFP Method

NFP methods are not a one-size-fits-all approach to fertility awareness. Different methods utilize different fertility signs, but all of the methods have very similar success rates. There are 3 main types of NFP methods: mucus-only, sympto-hormonal, and symptom-thermal. Each method type has multiple organizations that provide education and resources about NFP. To help you decide which method of NFP might be the best fit for you at this time, you can research the pros and cons of each and take this easy online quiz. Once you have decided which of the three methods you would like to learn, the Diocese of Cheyenne can help you find an instructor online or in your area.

To learn more about which organizations that teach the method you would like to use, visit their websites:

  • Marquette Model
  • Sympto-thermal
  • Symptopro
  • Couple to Couple League
  • Mucus-only
  • Creighton Model

  • Teach NFP in Wyoming

    Do you use NFP and want to share your knowledge with others? The Diocese of Cheyenne needs additional instructors in all three methods throughout the state to meet the growing demand for NFP education. Please contact Maria Ward at 307-638-1530 or mward@dioceseofcheyenne.org to learn more.


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