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Welcome to the Office of Hispanic Ministry

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Spanish Mass times and locations in Wyoming

St. Joseph's Church


Sunday, 11 am

St. James Church


2nd Sunday, 1 pm

St. Mary Magdalen


Sunday, 5 pm

St. Matthew


Sunday, 5pm

Sacred Heart


Sunday, 12:30 pm

Our Lady of the Mountains


Sunday, Friday, Holy Days, 7 pm

St. Laurence O'Toole


Sunday, 12:30 pm

Our Lady of Sorrows

Rock Springs

Saturday 7 pm, Sunday, 11:30 am

St. Patrick


1st Sunday, 6pm

The Office of Hispanic Ministry has been preparing for the Year of Faith with the launch of our website, reflections upon the "21st Anniversary in the 21st Century: A New Beginning" which was the theme of the annual convention of the National Catholic Association of Diocesan Directors for Hispanic Ministry (see photos this website) August 6th through 9th in Chicago, and an effort to highlight resources that may be helpful in parishes. It is my intention to offer a bilingual website and to serve as a point of contact within our diocese among all those who are directly ministering to the Hispanic community and those who are looking to start or enhance such a ministry. I'm going to highlight a parish in our diocese each month through a section on our website called, "Best Practices", and hopefully we'll be able to celebrate what is happening there and to gain insight into what might work in other communities. I'll also be getting interviews about various cultural celebrations such as Quinceanera, posadas, and weddings. I hope be available electronically to answer questions you may have or to refer you to the proper source for help.

While attending the National Conference in Chicago, we were given the Special Anniversary Edition of the USCCB document on Hispanic Ministry titled, Hispanic/Latino Ministry-Past, Present, and Future: A New Beginning. The Table of Contents includes a wealth of amazing documents including: Encuentro and Mission: A Renewed Pastoral Framework for Hispanic Ministry (2002), Many Faces in God's House: A Catholic Vision for the Third Millenum (1999, excerpts), The Hispanic Presence in the New Evangelization in the United States (1996), The National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry (1987), The Hispanic Presence: Challenge and Commitment (1983), Study on Best Practices for Diocesan Ministry Among Hispanics/Latinos (2006), and two appendices. What is helpful is that this edition is in English and Spanish. I'm going to be prayerfully reflecting upon these documents and looking to them for guidance as we walk together as a diocesan church with Hispanics, serving them and being served by them. You can order this book from USCCB Communications for $19.99.

Another wonderful resource, especially for homilists, is "Nuestra Parroquia: Muchas culturas, una fe: a Complete Parish Resource from the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center of Claretian Publications". This is a monthly bilingual resource with articles, homily suggestions, suggestions for catechesis, Bible study, and more. A yearly subscription is $48.

Calendario de los Hispanos iglesia de San Mateo 2016
Schedule of Hispanic of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church 2016

Date Event
February 2 Hispanic candlemas (Misa de la Cadelaria)
February 14 St. Valentine's Day Dances
March 13 Fundraiser
March 19 Abigael Martinez, Singer and testimony
April 24 Desayuno Espiritual (Spiritual breakfast)
April 8-10 Retreat for Quinceñieras and Jovenes
May 8 Mother's Day, with a topic and raffle
June 11-12 Pilgrimage at Cheyenne to Pine Bluffs, WY
July Community Gathering
August Lic. Arturo Sayula studio y panel, todo un sabado y Domingo solo
September 23-25 5th Congress
October Community meeting
November Hispanic Initiation Retreat
December 12 Our Lady of Guadalupe, on Monday
December 13-21 Pozadas