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Forms and Reports

Financial Performance Summary

Table 1 - 2013-2014 Actual vs. Budget

June 30, 2014 Financial Report

Dear Pastors, Principals, Business Managers, Secretaries, and Bookkeepers,

Thanks to all of you for your work in converting to the ParishSoft software. For the 2013-2014 Parish, Mission, and School Annual Financial Reports, the ParishSoft data base for your location/locations will be accessed for your reports. Please send an email to the Finance Office when you have closed the books in the ParishSoft system for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Since the 6/30/2014 Statement of Financial Positon and the 6/30/2014 Statement of Activities are to be reviewed by the Parish Finance Council, please provide the Finance Office with a hard copy of both statements signed by the preparer, the Pastor, and the two lay trustees. The signed statements and your notification to the Finance Office that the 2013-2014 fiscal year books have been closed are to be provided to the Finance Office by October 31, 2014. Only the ParishSoft reports will be accepted. Please contact Loren Schillinger at (307) 638-1530 ext. 111 if there is a reason as to why you cannot provide the ParishSoft reports. Please note that one use of the reports is to provide the information for the calculation of the Parish and Mission Goals for the 2015 Annual Appeal. Thank you in advance for providing the financial reports to the Diocese.

Jeff Nieters, Finance Officer

Email: jnieters@dioceseofcheyenne.org

Katie Hayes, Accounting & Reporting Professional

Katie HayesEmail: khayes@dioceseofcheyenne.org, ext. 115

Barbara Niemann, Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Specialist

Barb NiemannEmail: bniemann@dioceseofcheyenne.org, ext. 116